Clinical Trials


Vodca  v.4 3

VODCA is a software package specifically developed for the administration, organisation and analysis of multicentre clinical trials in radiotherapy.

MinimPy  v.1.0

MinimPy is a desktop application program for sequential allocation of subjects to treatment groups in clinical trials by using the method of minimisation.


Recruitment Modeller  v.1.1

Recruitment Modeller is a tool to predict recruitment to multi-centre clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Submit  v.1.2

Clinical Trial Submit is a software application that allows you to visually create and edit ClinicalTrials.

ClinTrak Imaging  v.3.0

ClinTrak Imaging is capable of reading Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) images and clips as well as digitizing VHS images, or standard film for studies that were not originally stored in DICOM format.

MedCalc  v.

MedCalc is a complete statistical software for Windows designed to closely match the requirements of biomedical researchers. It is fast, user-friendly and reliable. MedCalc is the most user-friendly program for Receiver Operating Characteristic curve

Quantitative Blush Evaluation  v.1

Quantitative Evalution of Blush: a program to assess myocardial reperfusion on coronary angiograms.

WinCare Clinical  v.7 1

WinCare Clinical Software is a bundle of programs that were designed so that the medical staff can record and work easier.Documents all clinical information easily, providing resident information to those who need it.

Clinical Decision Support System  v.3.1.04

SmrtX Medical Tests Analyzer is an interactive Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) that is designed to assist physicians and other health professionals with determining diagnosis of patient data. This is development of Artificial Intellect today

Trials 2 Second Edition  v.1 8

Trials 2 Second Edition is not a game that wants to simulate the real motorcycle trials competitions. Thats not a bad thing though. The game has progressed a lot from the first version in terms of graphics as well as tracks.

Trials of Werlin  v.1 1

Trials of Werlin mixes arcade-style action with mind-boggling puzzles. Immerse yourself in a fun world with Werlin as you guide him through the Wizard's Labyrinth, solving mind-bending puzzles, while avoiding monsters, traps,

Clinical Calculator Free  v.

This program allows for the simple calculation of the most commonly used clinical formulas including A-a gradient, ANC, FeNa, Hyponatremia correction, and many more.

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